Starseed Clarity

Morning Message…

Flushed with love,
from within, below and above.
Flowing from, to and through me,
ALL is to fully be.
Human mind on auto function,
higher mind has taken the helm at this junction.
Tap into that frequency which is always aligned in heart energy,
you’re slipping away from a terminated version of reality.
As ordained by your starseed clarity.
Baseline shift already in motion,
making uncomfortable commotion.
Step back through the portal to projecting You,
the 3D array is through.
Invite your 5D Aspect into human integration,
allow for the consciousness elation.
All limitations are erased,
now full Creator-self can be embraced.
No longer drawing TO you,
it’s all about projecting FROM you.
Pull from the memory of your 5D projector,
and envelope as this reality manifestor.
You already have complete capacity,
to create your human mind-heart reality.
See your 3rd eye project a 360° life screen,
next, encase a clear thought with an unconditional love/heart beam.
Intentionally move your magnetic consciousness thought through the 3rd eye projector,
then observe particles of Light choose to transform into matter.
Practice as your most favored ritual,
notice how this is most natural.
Speed to matter into physical appearance,
self-belief perspectives affects manifested experience.
Release human notions of control,
and trust you authentically know.
No questions, doubts or barriers persist,
only fluid, seamless conscious creations exist.
So be it. And so it is.

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