For those of you who have known me since…forever, I am grateful for your patience. This is the “meet you on the other side” I referred to in my last communication in 2012. To everyone who met me during my 7 year journey (2012-2019) and thought I was a little woo-woo cray cray…1) I am genuinely grateful to the various roles each of you played; and, 2) My woo-woo will be off the charts going forward.

Letting Go for 7 years

After years of being in service to others, my higher aspect asked that I complete my projects of passion –group channelings, almost all private sessions, book writing, radio show hosting, releasing my award winning inspirational documentary…all of it before 2012, because “everything was about to change.” So I did.

Deep Diving

As I stepped into ordinary life, I felt like I was being thrashed around by a huge wave unable to get my bearings, come up for air, or at least be on top to ride it. I found myself frustrated as I resisted grounding into the sadness and fear my world was now reflecting. It felt so far, far, far, far away from where I had been hanging out energetically for many years prior.

I felt vulnerable…raw and sensitive. Why had my outer world reflection changed so dramatically? It was time for me to go within…it was time for me to not be distracted by my service to others…it was time for me to fully remember EVERYTHING!

Everything Happens For My Reason!

Unlike my shut down in childhood, this time I knew my heart had to remain open. To allow and maintain some semblance of high vibin’ flow; I committed to meditating, writing a dream log, avidly staying tuned in to countless synchronicities, and journaling morning messages daily. I also became hyper self-observant of the experiences I was creating to show my forgotten self-love…areas where I constructed the illusion of separation from my powerful Beingness. The outer world had indeed reflected an old, no longer functioning programming. An internal massive change was underway. An evolution of consciousness unfolded. NOTHING would be the same.

After seemingly endless “WTH’s?!”, constant surrendering and consciously staying in self-loving trust (for inner peace sanity); the dust settled. I centered on my internal still point. (Insert deep sigh of relief here). The illusions of separation dissolved the moment I halted the denial of my Source-self…as if it was somehow outside of me.

I Am Source embodied. I Am All That Is.

This remembrance visually appears to me as a spiral of all my creations/existences since I birthed from the Oneness of Source. (Hence the inspiration for my logo). I also know with every light particle of my human BEing, that the heart IS our portal to our Source-self and Love IS the language of creation.

Next Phase Soul Purpose Revealed

Why does any of this matter? If you’ve read this far, these words resonate to your core…you are being called to joyously absolve all of your manifested beliefs of separation and wake up to the Divine Creator Human you truly are. Then and only then, can you choose to REALize the REAL-ity of your heart-based dreams.

I AM here to be a loving, catalyst for YOUR next level; whatever that is/means for you.

Loveter (=love + laughter) hugs!

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