A Morning Message From The Dolphins

Woke up from a delightful dream of dolphins looking for me. I went into the water and it was a love fest! hahaha! Then this Morning Message came through from the dolphins…

You asked for our presence to through,
confirming we are ‘here’ for you.
The joy and love of our community,
is embedded throughout thee.
Be the joy you naturally are, 
so contrast remains afar.
We await your full time residency,
in your full New Earth physicality.
Already ‘here’ this is true,
yet your total consciousness is due.
You’re multi-D tasking,
your heart yearns for full 5D basking.
There are a few more events before full split,
meanwhile in 3/4/5D you sit.
The crescendo is quite near,
we are with you always ‘here’.
It may feel for some as if the world ended,
we explain it as suspended.
No longer held by the collective dream,
the collective shifts to project a new beam.
Quantum physics are at play,
everything shifts in a quickened way.
More prepared than you think,
a new version on the brink.
Light quotients are amplifying,
as density is released – no longer vying.
The turning point occurred ‘years’ ago,
now resistance levels are high or low.
Release the notion to ‘save’ all,
this is not your call.
Continue to enjoy, create, love each day,
this anchors in your New Earth sway.
A plethora of distractions around,
to no thing, no one are you bound.
More signs, knowing and communications from your crew,
we’re assisting all the way through.
And so it is. It is already so.
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