REALizing Your Little Known Superpower: Trust

“I think I’ll ponder ‘What’s my story around Trust?’ while having my morning cup of tea” said no one ever. Yet Trust is one of the most undervalued, underutilized, underrated self-empowering four letter words that create monolithic game changes!

Over the years, I have heard it all from clients, and one theme consistently makes an appearance at some point: The unsettling unfoldings around Trust and the knee jerk reactions they seem to cause.

The Stories

Take just a moment before reading further to quickly assess, how DO you feel about Trust/Trusting?

Common edicts include: I can’t trust anyone but myself. I trust first until someone breaks that trust. It takes me a long time to trust. I’ll trust someone when they prove themselves worthy.

You most likely have a boat load, heck, maybe even a cruiseliner full of experiences which cultivated your refined, working definition of Trust. The question is, has your meaning turned Trust into the boogeyman or copious freedom?

If Trust shuts you down and is under lock and key; it’s time to UNLEARN your old beliefs. Why? Because your current ideas of Trust don’t actually add protective layers around your heart, but rather hold you back from experiencing your REAL authentic self. Your Trust concepts keep you believing you’re in control and powerful. But that’s just more fake news. REAL Trust? Now that’s how your superpowers come online.

Are you ready to re-activate this superpower to allow the electrical current of Trust course through your entire BEingness? I hear a resounding “yes!”

First, a quick look at the indoctrination that’s influenced your whole life…it’s from the American Heritage Dictionary:

  • Firm belief in the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing; confidence or reliance.
  • The condition and resulting obligation of having confidence placed in one.

Insert sounds of spitting out something that tastes really bad. Blegh. Those terms make me shudder. Talk about putting the onus on everyone else BUT yourself.  When I think of how many wayshowers are operating from those definitions, I get a visual of you trying to fly with clipped wings and a huge anchor around your feet!

Great Expectations

You were born and raised in a environment where Trust wasn’t in your awareness until it became a thing. Anyone who’s had broken Trust, be it with parents, relatives, friends, schoolmates, partners, colleagues or bosses; intimately knows the accompanying emotions…sadness, disappointment, betrayal, anger, etc. After all, you entrusted another with the responsibility to make you feel safe, loved, appreciated, valued, and so on.

But, guess what? That’s how most people roll as adults too: Giving others the power of attorney over your wellbeing and unrealistically expecting all to maintain the inherent obligation of reliable integrity. Then somewhere, at some point, the dam bursts and Trust suddenly earns another running tick in the “bad” column.

Strike Through the Old

It’s time for a fresh perspective on Trusting! No more hiding behind the facade that you’re tough and don’t Trust anyone. No more feeling vulnerable and powerless. Time to use that proverbial huge eraser to all of those old experiences, primitive definitions and pre-assigned emotions to the word Trust in one extremely easy step:

Trust others to be themselves.

Wait! Reread that and let it sink in.

Trust others to be who they agreed to be during their stay on this planet. Trust they are exactly “where” they are meant to be on their path and it is perfect in every way. Replace all expectations of how YOU think another should or should not be with unfiltered respect for their pre-incarnated plan. That’s right. Trust that all are right on course. You don’t have to participate; just expunge your judgments.

Re-align with Trust’s True Power

As is with Love, you cannot Trust another, if you don’t unconditionally Trust yourself first. The terms of engagement above apply to you before anyone else. Trust you are exactly as you have come to experience. Trust you are precisely where you are meant to be and always have a choice to change or stay the same, independent of anyone else’s decisions.

Trust births from a core acknowledged truth: You are Source/Creators expressed in physical form. When you’re focused on that major detail, every limitation previously attributed to Trusting yourself and others, spontaneously melts away. Suddenly you feel 10 feet tall and powerful beyond measure. No one can steer you off course cause you’re at the helm always. Anchors fall off, clipped wings grow back and all resistance is eliminated. THAT is a genuine Superpower. 

Oh! PS. Living from bonafide self-Trust doesn’t even require others to do the same!

Now go practice your re-energized, REALized Superpower!

Peace out.

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