The Speed of Thought

This Morning Message feels like a loving nudge to really entrain our mind for higher vibrational thoughts. I sense the simplicity of examples is to signify that it’s possible if we focus on elevating our thoughts. Moreover, WHY it is important. Ultimately this may be “training” to develop our telepathic abilities. 🙂 Shared from my heart to yours.

Whenever your mind does not focus on the frequency you prefer, STOP immediately, step back and look neutrally on that which your mind did focus. Note that all time and space halts in that moment for you so that nothing is more important than this NOW moment. Whatever the thought or situation or revisiting it is, shift your attention to a higher vibrational daydream or something that made you laugh in the past. This immediately drives your focus to the higher version of you. 
If you are face to face with a confrontation, take a very deep, slow breath before any words come from you. Follow the breath to your high heart/Source-Self ball of light within. In your mind, wish another peace and love. Do that first, then speak knowing all are on their journey too.
Remember, all travels at the speed of thought!
Keep increasing your light quotient one thought at a time.
And so it is.
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