Welcome to the Adventure!

YOU set the purpose for your sessions. This is an invitation for you to ask your heart’s desire in a safe and loving space. We tune in to your unencumbered expanded perspective and greater knowing.

Let’s explore, re-connect, re-member, re-solve the mystery around any life distortions (aka fear, lack, confusion, blocks), and energetically clear/heal the conditioning that no longer serves your highest/greatest good. 

Please prepare to be in a quiet, comfortable space with no interruptions for all sessions.

I offer two ways to approach your session: Either I deliver messages/answers for you OR you journey to access the information yourself while I guide you through the whole process.

Intuitive Guidance

Since the early 2000’s I’ve been (intentionally) tuning in to people’s vibrations, guides, angels, cosmic support and higher aspects. I use my clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, empathic abilities to channel the answers to your questions and my sacred pendulum.

These private sessions are over the phone or via ZOOM or Skype.

$95 Half hour session                    $155 One hour session


Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy

Your Higher-Self is always guiding you. In a BQHH session we quiet the conscious mind to access that guidance where you communicate directly with your Inner Being, Higher Aspects, Multi-dimensional Guides, and/or family on the other side. You can experience your inner wisdom from this life timeline, past life timelines, parallel life timelines, and/or other dimensional expressions of you in a safe, pleasant, comfortable way to get all of your questions answered. These sessions are offered online via ZOOM or in person.
Sessions last 3+ hours.

$245 Online session                         $295 In person session (Located in Pompano Beach, FL)


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Jennifer H., Holistic Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, EFT Practitioner, KY 

“Tina is so pleasant, professional and joyful that she almost instantly made me feel comfortable sharing what I was needing help with. She listened intently and then began my session. There was nothing scary or awkward about how she delivers your information. It’s like getting a message from your own guardian angel.
I received a reading that gave me solid confirmation and insight. I also returned for a phone series of healing sessions that I don’t quite have words for. It was very relaxing and also effective in helping me to let go of my resistance to change and open to my potential. Again, can’t quite put words to it other than to say that I really did see positive results. 
 Tina is the real deal and truly is a gifted messenger, a talented woman and an earth angel.”

Lion Country Safari, FL
photo by Carlos Bueno