What Has Begun Is Already Done!

Morning Message…

One can only perceive the level of frequency one
is emanating from within…aka the beliefs held about self.

Those beliefs, when released, carry a frequency as do words, thoughts, emotions (energy in motion). The more you liberate yourself from limiting self beliefs, the more free and lighter you feel. The lighter you feel, the easier it is to experience the authentic YOU, unobstructed by limiting self beliefs.

Know that you have shed ALL layers of 3D self limiting thoughts (lower ego). Know that you have liberated your human Beingness from self-imposed suffering.

From this deeply experienced freedom, perceiving higher dimensions in the here and now is easier, familiar and unavoidable. Your true expression is surfacing into your conscious awareness so that you can live in your highest joy in daily life without concern or worry.

Clarity has found its way into your awareness, transcending all previously held notions of density.

Keep smiling.
Keep trusting.
Keep knowing.
Keep laughing.
Keep intending.
Keeping loving.
Keep breathing.
Keep flourishing.
Keep inner peace.
Keep spreading kindness.
Keep giving and receiving.
Keep expressing from love.
Keep BEing all that you desire.
Keep creating the extraordinary.
Keep claiming your Truth and Power.
Keep lighting up the world with your presence!

It is already so.

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