Transcending the Noise

Morning Message…

Rising above the noise to view from a different perspective, also clears out any belief about limitations. It allows you to self observe without judgement and emotions other than joyous LOVE. Everyone is ‘working’ (consciously or not) on eliminating that which no longer serves them well.

Even the extraordinary seems natural and normal.

New dimension. New body. New Love –yet all is familiar. New homes, new services, new processing, new thoughts, new abilities, new living. Everything is possible. Observe the outer while simultaneously becoming more familiar with the internal adjustments and alignments. Your internal terrain is quite fluid.

Like the current of an ocean, let yourself flow and be allowing. Take breathing to a level that enables quicker acclimation. We would say ‘brace yourselves’ yet that is precisely the opposite of being/allowing fluidity. Activations and downloads are occurring at a good clip…faster pace.

Ready? Set. Flow!

P.S. 3D feels like a prison where the walls seem to be closing in. The sensation to break away rises in intensity. Be assured you are not ‘trapped’ in this deleted program. Alleviation is as simple as a choice, a decision to leave all behind…to breakout. No one, no thing can stop you.

Have faith in yourself!

So be it. And so it is.

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