Shine Your SourceFULLness

In the finale of merged timelines,
cleared out emotional, mental & physical land mines.
Exploded lingering density with Love,
ushering integration of an evolving ‘as below is above.’
The transformation emits your expanded frequency,
filled with Light that replaced intensity.
A new era, blank canvas, zero point – a REALity beginning,
this is the alternate NOW of always winning.
Live, breath, envision, think, speak & act solely as unconditional Love,
your Source-self expressed simply for the joy of.
En-light-FULLment was about ending karmic cycles inspiring a happy dance,
2020 opens the cosmos within to express your elevated stance.
Self-sovereign participation consciously,
an all access pass to shine your SourceFULLness externally.
Clear the pathway to freely run,
in grace & ease filled with endless fun.
The magnificence of you is bursting through,
in timeless physicality of your unique signature hue.
It is already so.

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