Reconstructing Your World

Morning Message…

As you open the floodgates to your heart,
See your Source-self white Light spread into every part.
The Love you are flows into your world of experiences,
to elevate, heal and eliminate fences.
You’re done with all density in the previous program,
embrace your creations, lovingly in your I AM.
See everything collapse into zero point stillness,
then begin to reconstruct your new world from your higher heart-mind fullness.
Keep some characters as you please,
this is an all access pass with grace and ease.
Direct consciousness and envision your every desire,
design your 5D EARTH empire.
Choose every pebble with pure love,
access your template to anchor in ‘as below is above’.
360° viewing all simultaneously,
you are the Creator, Creation and Creativity.
We of you suggest inviting the higher self of others to participate,
this also serves everyone’s expedited healing in this next level state.
Reconstruct from bottom to the top,
awake, asleep = nonstop.
Draw it, speak it, see it, express your new world vision in anyway,
from Love Source-self Consciousness, night and day.
So be it. And so it is.

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