Quantum Leaps

Morning Message…

Aligning with perfectly balanced health,
speeds manifesting voluminous wealth.
For all is Source energy by origin,
agreeing particles of Love Light pouring in.
Compressing energy into physical reality,
experiencing the unlimited – created by Thee.
Fully present to your multi-D integration,
clarity is prominent with each revelation.
External raucous for observation only,
engage in harmonious versions of vibrational toning.
When envisioning your 5D reality,
you can hear it’s sound internally.
Allow your body to resonate,
that assists the physical to re-calibrate.
This sound is easier to ‘hear’ than you imagine,
as it is your signature sound – your origin.
It occurs quite naturally, you will see.
Simply trust it to be.
Trading baby steps for quantum leaps,
living as Creator-God, your earthly human now reaps.
So be it. And so it is.

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