Pure Knowing Imbued

Morning Message…

Vapors from inner earth colonies seeping in as dew,
radiating waves from the sun’s way station to you.
All gently permeates in your human energetic fields,
loving transformational support this yields.
See your inner pranic tube of Light as a cosmic connection highway,
filled with a diamond rainbow array.
Imagine reaching into this upward, downward flowing tube,
with both hands scoop out the pure knowing imbued.
Select any dimension Aspect knowing Light ball,
place onto your 3rd eye and heart wall.
Allow the absorption of information to flow,
accept that it will clearly show.
Undulating in every cell of your Being,
this energy influences your creating.
An essential component of your 5D assimilation training preparation,
to ready yourself for the new earth compilation.
So be it. And so it is.

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