Light Up the World From Within

Morning Messages…

When centered in your heart, sending out Love is a simple intent. Send to family and friends like an atomic burst made with Love Consciousness Light particles. Invite the higher aspects (of friends and family) to send out these powerful bursts to their friends and more family to continue spreading this intention via their higher aspects too.

It is an activation which propels a wave of awakening choices.

Always a choice by each human soul. Gaia, all creatures, plants, rocks… everything other than humans are fully awakened and conscious.

This is how connecting with everything aligns your vibration with the higher frequencies already present. You’ll notice this as experiences of Divine flow showing up so many ways – more creative inspirations, an influx of financial boons, psychic/channeling/healing visions coming through, inexplicable joy deeply rooted in authentic happiness, love for everyone/everything/life flooding your Beingness, and so much more.

For those who may not have had ‘practice’ with these intense energies, it may feel like an explosion up the spine and pressure in your head. Sleep or rest, get centered and ground when this occurs.

Earth, all other creatures incarnated Light Beings abound with assignments/missions to assist those humans that are awakening. Send out a request for assistance and they WILL respond. Honing abilities are embedded in their DNA (by their higher aspects) which direct them to your request that acts as a beacon.

You have an entire cosmic team at your beck and call as they are merely aspects of YOU.

So be it. And so it is.

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