Inter-dimensional Crossings

Morning Message…

At times you may suddenly feel the need to ‘remember’ to breath…like when in higher altitudes. This is your body reminding you that breathing patterns are different in each dimension for the physical body. Moving your consciousness makes it simple to keep your body in one dimension, while journeying throughout the multi-verse. Your breathing may be slower and deeper while you are traveling.

Once 5D living in the physical form is the norm, your body template will have adjusted accordingly. Let go of any notion that how you breath, eat, sleep and play will be exactly the same.

This is quite helpful as you learn to integrate and exist in dimensions that are not the 3rd or 4th. Your DNA codes are processing a Divine physical realm template intended to reverberate throughout your cells…igniting each and every participating particle of Light to tune in to the vibration they are exposed to by the Love Light you are consciously anchoring from within.

Breath that in for a moment. Absorb this information until you feel it is aligned with your intuitive/inner knowing. How does Truth feel in your body? Hairs stand up on your arms or neck, an ‘aha’ sensation shoots down your spine, you automatically smile or spontaneously laugh, your crown chakra tingles…and so much more. All are signals from the body intelligence system which enable you to recognize your human aspect is aligning with U-niveral Truth. It is a natural, authentic response that supersedes doubt, judgement and ego.

Stay aware of these confirming sensations. Acknowledge coded number patterns such as 444, 555, 111, 1111, 911, 222. Observe reflections in nature — dragonflies, butterflies, etc. Recognize your dreams deliver messages. Let yourself perceive Divine flow in your daily life. All is a unified, concerted effort constantly confirming your self-love, beliefs, transformation, integration…this message is a confirmation of your knowing.

So be it. And so it is.


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