Happy “Happy-Earth” Day!

Whilst the doom and gloom crowd throw questionable sprinkles of hope or finish their messages on a pseudo high note, let us shift gear today. That push/pull, here/there duality pool in which many Light Bearers are accustomed to swimming? Time to pull the plug.

For every thought dedicated to staying in the ‘informed’ mode, no matter ongoing efforts to avoid absorbing it mentally; your body is like a sponge cleaning up a sticky, gooey mess.

More stress, more ick, more old version synapsis perk up re-vitalized. This affects your Light and joy quotient more than imagined. In a 3D/4D Earth dimension, that is the status quo. In New Earth it simply is not so.

As a Light Bearer you already know there are nefarious programs still running. That is why so many are ignited to offer their special gifts! Some days info indicate they  operate from echoes of the alt deleted…like a ghost. Other days an ‘already too late’ post pops up in feeds luring you down the rabbit hole.

Remember, while we can collectively reside in New Earth dwellings, it is individually anchored within FIRST. Elevated internal vibes acclimate your perspective that manifest matching external experiences. Others are triggered and the cluster of unified consciousness expands.

How can Light Bearers sustain and grow their Light quotient with one foot in a denser frequency while straddling with the other foot in New Earth?

Daydream Often

Spend a greater percentage of your day visualizing, imagining, experiencing New Earth Living. What does your life look like in that heart-based energetic field? What does your community look like? What does your world look like? What do YOU look like? How do you feel? What does your daily living look like? What are you doing? Revel in that joyous, peaceful experience. 


After you have anchored in that resonance, play with any inspirations that flow forward. Select a vibrant experience that generates an air of excitement…write, create a piece of art, sing, dance, do yoga, start a garden, organize a messy space, walk in nature, go kayaking, invent a new dish, continue with that project you have been enjoying…there are literally infinite possibilities.

Stay Aware

If you feel like not being informed of current events is equivalent to living in La La Land or hiding under a rock or staying in denial, then check in with your top 3 sources: Patreon groups, other Light Bearer YouTube videos, and/or any other (non)mainstream news.


Before you click into those perspectives, bubble up with Light or however else you add protection. Go into your heart and stay until inner peace and neutrality permeates your entire beingness and beautiful mind. Be prepared to say ‘no thank you’ and send unconditional Love.

When you are done, visualize being in a cleansing energetic space. Here’s a freebie…


Increase the amount of time spent with #1 daily so that #2 plays a minor role in occupying your precious Creator-self focus. Actually gauge how many hours are spent in #1 and #2. If you are working, depending on what you do, bring your ratio of high vibe/slow vibe into that space.

The Gift of Your Laughter

One last note, spend more time laughing throughout the day…yes this definitely counts toward your #1 percentage. Genuine, heartfelt laughter anchors you into the higher vibrational now moment. This universal language opens your heart, is definitely contagious and awakens more of your inner Beingness. 

I am sharing my laughter here…together, let us join our sentient Happy-Earth host!

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