Dream It, They Will Come

Many of the Light Bearing Collective are co-creating what living on New Earth is. Gaia herself already has a 5th dimensional resonance/existence. (Side note: I have actually seen in several sacred sites around the world: Machu Picchu, Caral – Peru, Egypt, Mt. Shasta. And journeyed to Cities of Light).

So then why are we calling it New Earth? Because for us humans living on Gaia; it IS new…sort of.

Many Light Bearers have lifetimes on a 5D (and higher) Gaia by the way. (Go ahead and look at your Mastery resume: It’s most likely there.) Hyberboreans, LeMuria, Atlantis and inner earth Beings may feel familiar. Those civilizations still exist in other dimensions.

Meanwhile Gaia agreed to slow down to a perfectly supportive hum for a 3D reality expression of duality. We humans who agreed to participate in that experience willingly donned a amnesia veil. We also agreed that in a 3D human sense, we would all awaken the memory of how to elevate our frequency both individually and collectively once dormant embedded codes reactivated: Unprecedented on this planet.

We would shed any and all beliefs of captivity programs designed to keep us enslaved and chained to the duality hologram.

When every individual REALizes the Truth of their multi-dimensional existences as the sovereign Creator Beings we naturally are; the gateways pop open and the re-membering floods into our conscious awareness. Support from fellow Light Bearers assist us with their gifts – their abilities of Mastery. We heal faster as they reflect our own inner Mastery. Love and Light spreads like wildfire. Our perspectives shift and we can clearly witness New Earth in spectacular living color. Only this time, we do so as humans in our earth suits.

We are omniversal humans self-REALized living in the New Earth we have been dreaming of for eons.

Mission accomplished!

It is already so.

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