Living Unlimited

Morning Message….

As the experiences of limitation (aka forgotten Light) unravel with the closure of 3D (4D for those transferring to 5D)…a new level of flow shows up. Even in what you call the most mundane activities, a new level of fluency seeps in. While the activity itself may not seem like a 5D endeavor, it becomes one the moment you release any notions of denser/slower thoughts and feelings you have attached to it. Release the concept/belief that mundane = ‘so human’. Just because you have chosen to see it in that manner does not make it so permanently. Rather, it is simply a now moment perspective.

Shift the way you view the dull and tedious then get ready for an elevated event/experience. This superseding of old thoughts and emotional projections, opens the floodgates to a whole new level of in flowing and out flowing of high vibing Light particles. You send out an invitation the moment you choose to perceive from a higher vista. The portals of your chakras and energetic bodies bridge the dimensions so that the very experience you had formerly deemed as uneventful instantly morphs into a next level formation.

A palpable sensation permeates your entire field from the inside out. This is a pure clue that reveals a new flow is coming into your human experience. Clues unveil themselves in ways you have formerly felt were of limitation. ‘Limitations’ dissipate. Perhaps money flows in effortlessly.  Perhaps your mundane suddenly takes on a new color and feels more enjoyable. Perhaps tensions in relationships smooth out. These are only a few examples…there are infinite possibilities as to how this shows up for you.

The more settled in to this higher frequency you that is aligned with your higher self vibration, the faster it spreads until your entire outer world shifts into and reflects the 5D consciousness. It spreads so rapidly and permeates all aspects of your life.

Yes, you maintain some memory of what your personal world/life felt  like – yet it will be the sweetest, compassionate memories of former frequencies. The euphoria which permeates every cell of your Be-ingness embraces all of you with the deepest love and gratitude.

No longer bound by projecting self-limiting thoughts, living the unlimited is your new new ordinary and quite familiar. Let your knowing flow and transform into your Source self knowing.

Happy Divine flowing!

So be it. And so it is.

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