An Exhilarating Message

Had to share this inspiring morning message that came through:

Adapting to New Earth Living (NEL) is an adjustment. If you are utilizing all your 3/4D senses + intuition, you may still feel somewhat ‘limited’. Remember that you are not in anyway except what you believe to be true. 
It’s a beautiful canvas of reality: M(asculine)+F(eminine)+C(hild within) = One/Unity.
Yes you can imagine/dream what 5D/NEL is for you. Then live it. As in, take it live. 
No need for anyone/anything to confirm your abundance, health, value, creativity, energy, joy, kindness, healing, power.
Step into your Source/Creator/God self completely.
Shed what no longer serves you.
Shed it once and for all.
Wait for nothing/no one except your full, authentic self to show up and take full time residence. 
Align with all you dream of within your spiral of creations. 
‘And we go live in 1…2…3…action’!
It is already so.
Following that download, I had a vision that I was standing outside a huge tube of massively flowing Light on one side. Then I took the hand of each person in my life, one by one, and we jumped into the tube of Light together. Exhilarating!
After that I saw myself staying in the tube and also saw my spiral of creations all around it…I knew there was nothing left “to do” so I pulled each thing (like health, abundance, etc) from my spiral right into the massively flowing Light tunnel where I’m standing.
I felt/feel really connected to my Creator/Source power!
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