Your World Is Re-assembling

Morning Message…

Hang tight human me,
you’re going through an amazing ‘journey’.
The most thrilling ride in the park,
this One started with a spark.
Blasting through is a next level YOU,
crystal clear, authentic and true.
Choosing Love in every way,
delivers the most fulfilling play.
It appears as tho your world is trembling,
be assured it’s simply re-assembling.
With grace and ease as you command,
all quickly rearranges as planned.
Energizing all particles of Light,
you jumped into the 5D might.
This is wholely a heart gig,
smile, laugh and do your joyous jig.
Trust your Source – higher self is you at the helm,
even if you experience overwhelm.
Embrace your experience for certain,
You have fully revealed YOU behind the curtain.
Past has vanquished you can see,
there is only here and now clarity.
The we of you know you enjoy message of rhyme,
it’s a flowing alignment with your Oneness chime.
Enjoy the freedom of Source-self creation,
celebrate with heart-felt elation.
So be it . And so it is.
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