Tina Marie Bueno channel psychic BQHH Beyond Quantum Healing HypnosisIn 2009 I posed the question: How can I help people who are waking up to their innate intuitive abilities? As often happens when I ask such “big” questions, I then dreamed that I was driving in the desert and stopped at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. After filling my car with fuel, I opened the door to get in when I saw a thick movie script sitting in the passenger’s seat. The title, the content was already written!

Fully ignited, I got out of my own way and set this documentary project of passion in motion. Each beautiful Light worker showed up at exactly the perfect moment to share their extraordinary journey of mastery so that I could deliver it to you.

As with all quantum level creations, the messages and guidance are timeless.

Winner of Best Documentary by a Local Filmmaker
at the 2011 Downtown Boca Film Festival 

Real People. Real Shifts.

Humanities Greatest Evolution!

Feather ~ Temple of Isis
Philae island, Egypt