Releasing & Cleansing

The environment (including people & self-talk) in which you live & work leaves a residue on your energetic fields. There’s nothing like taking a moment to wash it away in waterfalls made of Light. Ahhhhh…..


Gratitude Celebration

Filling your heart with gratitude sets the tone for ALL of your creations with the U-niverse within. 


Vibration Raising Laughter

Genuine, heartfelt laughter anchors you into the higher vibrational now moment. This universal language opens your heart, is definitely contagious and awakens more of your inner Beingness. Let’s laugh together!


N. B. L., Entrepreneur, Investor, FL

“Out the gate I want to mention I am a logical thinker. I went in with an open mind and was open to all that Tina had to offer. Through my traveling to another lifetime, I found the answer to my question pretty quickly. I gained an appreciation for my previous lives and I see the reflections of my past lives and the one I am living now. Tina’s voice was soft and soothing, I felt very comfortable the entire time! Thank you!”

Pompano Beach, FL
photo by Carlos Bueno