Follow your inner nudging…



G.R., Anthropologist, FL 

“Words seem to fall short in describing the incredible life-changing experience and the honor it is to have been working with Tina Bueno. It was during the deep hardship moments of the dark night of the soul that she appeared into my life. When I first met her, I saw a big beautiful etheric flower of light with an etheric stem ascended up, growing through her with these petals (they were in the shape of a lotus flower) of light opening and blossomed above her head.  This was the confirmation I received that let me know that I have the one that would help and assist me through my journey in life. 
Through our private channeling sessions, I got the chance to converse with my Higher Self, Higher Aspects, and with Sourceness of All That Is. I reawakened my own telepathic, intuitive senses. Thank you!

Portal ~ Middle Falls, Mt. Shasta
photo by Carlos Bueno