Hello, my name is Tina Marie Bueno.

I am an Intuitive Guide & Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Practitioner. As a Next Level Catalyst, I offer channeled readings, hypnosis healing sessions and digital support for those of you ready to transform your reality.

your transformation!


Getting to know me…

The following may sound like life happening to me. I assure you that I have created EVERY precious part of my experience.

When I was 3 and living in Iceland, I went completely limp in my father’s arms from a deadly case of pneumonia. In that energetic opening, my “higher” aspects a.k.a. consortium of guides, came online so to speak.

It was from that moment on, my empathic, sensate abilities kicked in. I could experience other people’s feelings and energy. It was way too overwhelming as I had no one to show me how to discern which mental/emotional intensities were mine, much less how to navigate them all. As a result, somewhere around age 5 or so, I shut down emotionally to be safe, dimmed my light, lived in a bubble of illusion and closed the inner portal (my heart) to my legion of inter-dimensional guides altogether. The stage was set.

One profound core gift for which I am head over heels thankful to my parents, is that I was able to grow up around the world. Every culture continuously expanded my perspective…stretching my capacity to see life beyond a singular belief system. A global citizen at heart, I feel at home anywhere as home is where the heart is. It would take me many years to fully expand into the omni-knowing that the heart is the portal to HOME.

In the mid-90’s while living in Japan, I had a spontaneous personal awakening that initiated radical transformation for over 2 decades. My childhood shutdown began reversing, yet I continued to carry some unconscious self-limiting habitual beliefs that I had been conditioned to take on as truths. I hold infinite gratitude to all of the people (Lightworkers) that showed up right on cue throughout those self-evolving and wildly awakening years. Their unwavering support and insights were pivotal to my every step forward.

Around 2006ish, more unfolding of childhood abilities came back “online” once again. My re-awakening aligned me with some wildly extraordinary experiences that sound like scenes from sci-fi, fantasy movies. I re-opened the door to my consortium of guides and began channeling my inter-dimensional aspects. My empathic sensing kicked in along with my intuitive abilities: I could see, hear, feel and connect in the quantum field which ignited me to assist others in their journey of self-healing, remembering and transforming their reality. This time I was ready, willing and excited! It was my turn to pay it forward.

I AM here to be a loving, catalyst for YOUR next level; whatever that is/means for you.

Loveter (=love + laughter) hugs!

Love what you create.

You’re creating it ALL!


Natalie S., Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy, KY 

“I have been blessed to have found Tina Marie Bueno in 2009.  I was waking up to a world that I needed to understand. Anasha’s warm, bright and beautiful self, channeled my higher self’s messages to me which was so comforting and validating. She helped me realize I am not crazy but seeing the world through an expanded lens.  I always feel safe, comforted and supported in her light, bright, brilliant effervescent presence.  To this day I cherish the moments with her as an extraordinary gift.  I have referred Anasha to most of my friends and family and all feel the exact same way.  May you bless your life as we all have by connecting with Tina.  It’s life changing.” 


Lighthouse Point, FL
photo by Carlos Bueno