Embracing Your Magnificence!

Your life reflects the beliefs you have about yourself. If you’re not experiencing your natural state of effortless abundance and joyous love right here, right now (cause that’s all there really is folks!), then this is a wake up call reminder that YOU are the key to unlocking doors and dissipating the walls of any and all limitations…but only if you’re ready to experience that kind of kick ass freedom. If you’re choosing to embody your Mastery and transform your REALity; I AM here as a catalyst to your Next Level.

I offer heart-based services: Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Intuitive Guidance sessions to help you align with your authentic self, remember how to create consciously, expand your unique perspective AND experience your own dance of joy!

Tina Bueno Tina Marie Bueno 

Hi ho, hi ho
It’s to our core we go
Where love is known
And truth is shown
Hi ho, hi ho


Anita S., Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist, Panama

“Seek and the teacher will come. Tina Marie Bueno came to me in the beginning of my journey of awakening in 2007. She was my rock and my guide as I navigated a new paradigm. Channeling is second nature to her and was instrumental in guiding me through uncharted waters providing me a deeper understanding of things occurring on the surface and in the depths. Facilitating opening to new possibilities and dispelling the perceptions of limitations”


Pompano Beach, FL
photo by Carlos Bueno